March 27, 2013

"Letter from the Editor"

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Blogging truly takes dedication talent and passion. After blogging for almost five years I decided that I wanted to take my talent, dedication, and passion for blogging and use it for something more. This is something that had been heavy on my heart for years. I decided that it was finally time for me put my dreams and ideas ideas into action! I decided create a website that will educate and inspire as well as serve as a creative outlet for me. I also wanted to create a website that would allow me to give my perspective on things while providing inspiration to others at the same time.

 After ages of figuring out the perfect name I decided on Eccentric Gem. Eccentric meaning "unconventional"; and Gem as play on my mothers name, however, Gem is also in reference to a noun that is; "rare, exquisite, eye catching etc." I then realized that it had a very feminine feel to it; but I wanted my website to appeal to both men, women, and everything in between. I thought about creating two different websites, one for women and one for men, but, I felt it would only be right to combine the interests of both genders. So, I decided on Eccentric Unity. Where all things eccentric unite.

I have extremely high expectations for Eccentric Unity | NYC. After working very and hard putting my thoughts together, I'm proud to say that I'm satisfied with where the future of this website is headed. Eccentric Unity | NYC is still improving and will continue to improve as time goes on. I hope that all who visit this website will get something out of it.

I dedicate Eccentric Unity | NYC to those who seek/find inspiration from the "unconventional".


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