March 28, 2013

Toro y Moi

I am very picky about my music. I am also very picky about what I post, especially when it comes to being the first, last, fourteenth; you get it. OCD. Anyway! I always get this amazing feeling when I come across good, new[to me], music. It's a breath of fresh air. Sure, "twerk it" "pop that" is very entertaining at times, but it's not something that I can fathom daily. Not too long ago I came across Toro y Moi. What attracted me to him was his face. I stared at a picture of him for a good 10 minutes trying to figure out whether he was black, Asian, black + Asian, or "other"; not that it mattered anyway. There was just something very intriguing about his look. I ended up googling him and found out that he is Filipino and Black AND that he was is artist. An amazing artist at that. I guess I have been hiding under a rock. I am currently obsessed with him and his music. He puts me in the mindset of Childish Gambino + Metronomy + Pheonix with XXYYXX, SBTRKT influence. I am obsessed. If you too are into those artists as well as "60's nostalgia", you will be too.

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