March 30, 2013

Trend Watch: Summer 2013

Summer 2013 is rapidly approaching and though I never thought I would say this, I am tired of wearing fur. I am tired of the ten extra pounds that it gives me and the lack of freedom I have when I have to truck around the City with it. I came up with a "prediction" board which displays a few trends I believe we will be in this Summer. After giving my crystal ball a rub, this is what I saw:

(From left to right)
"Don't believe me? Just watch!"
Color Prism Pieces: "Hipsters" are not the only ones who will be wearing color prisms across their chest this Summer.

Holographic EVERYTHING: I have fallen deeply in love with everything holographic. Holographic pieces have been seen everywhere from the runway to H&M. I am predicting that we will be seeing a lot more of it this Summer.

Mix Matched Outfits: My favorite! If you haven't come to the realization that it is okay to mix your prints and patterns, here's a newsflash!  There's nothing more appealing to me than a tasteful mix matched outfit. I love the idea of mixing prints and patterns if done tastefully. Just be careful.

Bold Floral Pants for Men: Now, I know a lot of men probably think that they can't rock anything floral print. Those are the ones who are afraid to step out of the box and try something new. Bold floral print is becoming very popular in the male fashion scene. From hats to backpacks and even shirts. I am ready to see who's man enough to rock bold floral print pants this Summer. I can guarantee Zara will have some floral pants for men very soon. European men shouldn't be the only ones bold enough to wear floral pants!

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